What Are the Different Kinds of Masonry Restoration Jobs?

Masonry restoration is done on both modern and historical structures. The need for this stems from weathering or seismic movements, bad workmanship, or negligence. While the need for restoration is usually apparent, it is crucial that you speak to a masonry contractor regarding the extent of the damage, what caused it, and the best way to repair it.

The most common types are repointing and tuckpointing. These 2 are sometimes thought to have the same meaning\; however, there are differences. Repointing means filling cracks which were created due to damaged mortar joints. Tuckpointing is replacing the mortar with new. With both, the strength and appearance must be considered when preparing new mortar. The new mortar must be able to bond to the masonry unit and not create any stress which causes them to crumble.

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